You can have peace of mind with a gun holster that suits your needs from Sam’s Firearms. Whether you are looking to carry on your ankle, your belt, or in your jacket, we have a wide selection of belts and holsters including traditional, tactical, purse and concealed carry options that suit your style of carrying. Choose from a selection of some of the most trusted names in the industry like Allen, Bianchi, and Blackhawk! for the durability and time-tested quality you need.

Various materials and sizes are available to give you the feel you seek on this essential accessory. Easily conceal your weapon of choice or carry it in style with one of the many options available from Sam’s Firearms.

We know at Sam’s Firearms that protecting your gun is a vital part of a comfortable carry, and that’s why we carry a selection of high-quality concealment choices of beautiful, sturdy reinforced suede and leather, long-lasting padding, and strong plastics. Our selection of loops and sturdy clips for attaching the holster to your person are a guaranteed way to have the ability to move with the greatest confidence. Choose from one of many carrying angles to suit the needs of your grip and gun.

Match your style with a selection from our wide variety of designs, materials, and color. Brawny black suede makes a strong statement, while the sleek look of leather may hide your firearm comfortably on the inside of your belt. These quick, intuitive holsters and belts work with you instead of against you to provide the ultimate in comfort and access.

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