When we think about gun optics and gun scopes, the first thing that usually comes to mind, or at least the ones most commonly seen, are ones used for hunting. Although scopes and optics are also used in the military on a daily basis, for everyday gun owners hunting is the most common use for scopes and optics.

What is the purpose of a gun scope? A gun scope assists you in getting the best possible accuracy from the gun you are using it on. They are also very helpful if you are taking part in a common mistake; gun scopes and optics help to fix this. If you’re looking to gain more accuracy when shooting, adding a gun scope to your firearm is without a doubt the way to go.

How do gun scopes work? Gun scopes work by taking the area you are shooting at and magnifying it. The higher the magnification power, the smaller the area you can see through the scope. There are pros and cons to the higher magnification you’re using, which is why it is vital to be informed before choosing the type of scope for your needs.

What are optics on guns? In referring to guns the word “optics” can mean many different things. We have all seen guns with the red dot pointing at it’s target, right? This is called a red dot sight and helps with aiming. This same red dot technology is used when doing training, to help increase a gun users aim. Many scopes are also called optics; these words are often interchangeable in the gun world.